17 Best UPI Withdrawal Games (2024)

In recent years, online gaming has taken the world to the next level. Millions of people are playing these best UPI withdrawal games to earn Rs. 11,000 as real cash. All of these games support an instant UPI cash withdrawal system.

upi withdrawal games online

So today in this blog post I am going to share the list of 17 top UPI withdrawal games through which you can easily take out your earnings through UPI within 5 minutes.

UPI Withdrawal Games Online

UPI Withdrawal GamesFree Cash Bonus
Rummy Gold Pro51 Rs. Cash Withdrawal Bonus (Install & Use)
Teen Patti YesRs. 41 Real Cash Bonus (Get Started)
Taurus Gold (Real & Trusted)INR 20 Instant + 100 Extra Cash (Grab the Bonus)
Junglee RummyUp to Rs. 500 Bonus Free
Rummy PaisaRs. 20 Login Cash & Extra 125 Rupees (Try it out)
FastWin Online Game₹20 & 40 Bonus on Signup
Big Cash LiveFree 50 to 100 Ruppes Bonus
Zupee Gold LudoRs. 10 on Signup
Teen Patti King₹41 Free Bonus (Try this App)
WinZO GamesRs. 50/550 Cash Bonus on OTP Login
RummyCultureUp to 100 Rupees | Rs. 2500 on Referrals

17 UPI Withdrawal Games to Download

It’s time to bring all the best UPI withdrawal games in front of you with a free signup bonus link where you can download and get an instant 51 real cash bonus. All of these listed apps have online game cash withdrawals via UPI and bank transfer.

1. Rummy Golds

UPI withdrawal games rummy

The company Visionaria Solutions Technologies Private Limited created this UPI withdrawal game app, which is of Indian origin. Both Android and iOS smartphones can use the software without any worries about security. The Rummy Gold real cash app is available in six different languages.

The real cash withdrawal game offers a 100% cashback bonus on deposits, a 7-day login bonus of up to 150 Rupees, and a 41 Rupee signup bonus. Transfers via UPI and Bank are available. 

Rummy Golds Details 

Number of Earners3.89+ Million Users
Rating9.6 out of 10 Stars
Signup BonusRs. 49 Real Cash Withdrawal Bonus
Official LinkStart earning
Refer & Earn Bonus30% Commission, ₹80-100 on Active Referrals
Referral Code 13374367
Withdrawal MethodsUPI, Bank Transfer
Minimum Payout 100 Rupees

How many ways to earn from Rummy Golds?

  • Refer and earn
  • Money earning games
  • VIP bonuses
  • Daily login bonus
  • Spin Wheel
  • Cash tournaments etc.

How much can you earn in the Rummy Gold UPI earning app?

I have been using Rummy Gold since May 2023 and earned more than 2.2 Lac Rupees. From my experience, you can easily earn Rs. 2000~ daily. If you want to maximize your earnings then you have to try playing games in Rummy Golds like me and earn ₹3000+ daily.

2. Teen Patti Master

online game cash withdrawal app

The Classic, Quick, and Challenge game modes are just a few of the elements that make the Teen Patti Master app popular. The app makes sure there will be no fraud when you use it. There are 24 real cash withdrawal games in all.

This online game cash withdrawal app offers 20 rupee login rewards and a 180 rupee signup bonus over 7 days. Additionally, it offers 192 as a free bonus and 1500 Rupees for referrals.

Teen Patti Master Information 

No. of Downloads32+ Lakh Users
Star Ratings9.6 out of 10 Stars
1st Login Rewards20 Rupees on First Login, Rs. 110 on Daily Check-in
Game Install LinkUse this app
Referral IncomeUp to 1500 Rupees Per Friend (₹20/Install & 30% Commission)
Refer Code 18papr
Payout OptionUPI, Bank Transfer
Minimum Withdrawal100 Rupees

Earning ways from Teen Patti Master

  • Referral commission
  • Playing games
  • 7-day login bonus
  • Cashback

3. Teen Patti Gold – Best UPI withdrawal game

Best earning app UPI withdrawal

The company behind the Teen Patti Gold app is Taurush Cash Pvt. Ltd. The software is loaded with solid security features, including 228-bit encryption, and it is quite severe about not allowing any kind of fraud or game-cheating. 

In addition, the app offers withdrawal capabilities for UPI, Amazon Pay, bank transfers, and Paytm. Over 27 games are available. A 50 Rupee login incentive is also offered by the app.

In this UPI withdrawal game, there are 4+ without investment earning methods including refer and earn, Gullak bonus, daily check-in bonus etc. available.

Teen Patti Gold Description

Overall Users1.84M+
User Ratings9.7 out of 10 Stars
Register BenefitsReal Cash 50 Rupees Instant, 120 Rs. Extra on Login
Official App LinkGet a signup bonus
Refer Bonus20 Per person, 60% Recharge Commission
Invitation Code No Need
Methods of CashoutUPI, Bank Transfer
Min. Payout Amount100 Rupees

How can you make money from Teen Patti Gold?

  • Invite program
  • Gullak bonus
  • Daily check-in rewards
  • Leaderboard
  • Game to earn money
  • Rummy & Teen Patti games

4. A1 Rummy – Real cash withdrawal game online

UPI withdrawal games without investment

Rummy A1 is a recently launched UPI cash withdrawal Rummy app in India that became famous in a short period due to its features which attract several people to play games and earn money without investment. 

The app gives a 41 Rupees real cash signup bonus, 100 Rupees minimum withdrawal amount as well a 7-day login bonus. It has more than 2.5 million users. 

A1 Rummy Extra Details

No. of Users800K+
Gamers Rating9.4 out of 10 Stars
Login Bonus41 Rupees
Game Download LinkInstall the app
Invite & Earn30% Recharge Commission
Referral Code Link-based
Cash WithdrawalsUPI, Bank Transfer
Minimum Payout100 Rupees

Methods to earn from A1 Rummy

  • Affiliate income
  • Signup bonus
  • Real cash games
  • 3+ without investment earning ways
  • Deposit bonuses

5. Teen Patti King

UPI earning app real cash

The Teen Patti King app can give access to a multitude of gaming programs. So when you download this UPI withdrawal game application, you can play a diverse range of games and earn money. 

The app gives a 51 Rupees signup bonus and 100 per inviting friend. In this app, you can withdraw a minimum amount of 100 Rupees. 

Teen Patti King More Info. 

Rating9.6 out of 10 Stars
New User Bonus51 Rupees
Official LinkRegister and earn
Referral BenefitsRs. 100 Per Person 
Refer Code Use Given Link
Withdrawal MethodsUPI, Bank Transfer
Minimum Withdrawal100 Rupees

How to earn money in Teen Patti King UPI withdrawal game?

  • Spin Wheel
  • New user login bonus
  • Real money tournaments
  • VIP rewards
  • Free bonuses

6. Rummy Master – Online game cash withdrawal app

The app gives you a chance to earn more than 10,000 in a day. It is a multiplayer 3 Patti cash withdrawal game that allows you to play with anyone from anywhere. It has a safe and secure payment environment.

The app provides a 10 Rupees signup bonus, a -day login bonus, a share and earn a bonus, a bind phone number bonus, a deposit cashback bonus, and so on. You can withdraw a minimum of 100 Rupees.

Rummy Master Details 

Star Ratings8.6 out of 10 Stars
Signup Bonus10 Rupees
Game Install LinkClick here to install
Refer & Earn BonusRs. 10,000 Per Friend
Invitation Code No Use
Payout OptionUPI, IMPS 
Min. Payout Amount100 Rupees

How many ways to earn from Rummy Master?

  • Download bonus
  • Facebook login bonus
  • Online games
  • Referral agent commission

7. Teen Patti Live

The Teen Patti Live app is a fascinating gaming app that ranked top UPI gaming app in 2021. It brings the game of Teen Patti to your fingertips. It can be excessive on both Android and iPhone. 

One of the best features of the app is the Rs. 50 as a signup bonus and ₹10 as a login bonus. You can play 14 types of real cash games. The game has Lucky Cards, Lucky Spin, and a Task feature. 

Teen Patti Live Information 

User Ratings8.4 out of 10 Stars
1st Login Rewards20 Rupees
Official App LinkGet free bonus
Referral Income5 Per person, 5% Deposit Bonus, 1.5% Game Bonus 
Referral Code Not Applicable
Methods of CashoutUPI, Bank Transfer
Minimum Payout 100 Rupees

Earning ways from Teen Patti Live

  • Unlimited refer income
  • YouTube promotional rewards
  • Free cash rewards
  • Play games to generate real cash

8. FastWin

Fastwin (previously FieWin app) is an online cash withdrawal game where you can earn real money. If you invest and have good skills to play games then you can earn up to 3K-20k daily from the app. 

It has a variety of features available in the app and also has 7 types of games available. It gives a 151 Rupees signup bonus as well as 250 plus as a refer bonus. 

FastWin Description

Gamers Ratings9.7 out of 10 Stars
Register BenefitsRs. 20 and Extra 40 Rupees
Game Download LinkStart earning
Refer BonusRs. 250 Per Invite
Refer Code Discontinued
Cash WithdrawalsUPI, Bank Transfer
Minimum Withdrawal200 Rupees

How can you make money from FastWin?

  • 4+ online colour prediction games
  • Agent Million growth program
  • Free task rewards
  • Register bonus
  • Daily check-in bonuses

9. WinZO Games – UPI withdrawal game free

The platform is India’s biggest social platform where you can play 100+ games and earn money up to 25 crore daily. The app is a member of the All India Gaming Federation

The platform is 100% safe and secure because it is protected by high-level security. It supports 12 different languages. You can withdraw your money by UPI, Paytm, PhonePe, or BHIM. 

WinZO Games Extra Details

Rating9.3 out of 10 Stars
Login BonusInstant 550 Rs. Bonus
Official LinkUse this app
Invite & EarnMin: 35 Rupees, Max: 80 Rupees, 2.5% Commission
Invitation CodeNo Need
Withdrawal MethodsUPI, Bank Transfer, BHIM, Phonepe, GPay, Paytm 
Min. Payout Amount 100 Rupees

Methods to earn from WinZO Gold games

  • WinZO World War
  • Casual games
  • Fantasy gaming
  • WinZO Superstar program
  • Lifetime 2.5% referral commission
  • Social media promotional income

10. RummyCulture – UPI withdrawal Rummy app

It is an ISO-certified India-trusted gaming platform with no bot-certified Rummy app. It supports 5 different languages. It has a strict fair play policy and player protection protocol. 

Apart from this, RummyCulture app gives exciting offers and rewards as it gives up to Rs. 20,000 on referrals and coins to club-tier players. It supports instant withdrawals through UPI and bank transfers. 

RummyCulture More Info.

User Ratings8.8 out of 10 Stars
New User Bonus151 Rupees
Game Install LinkGet a signup bonus
Referral Benefits20,000 Rupees
Refer Code Link-based
Payout OptionUPI, Bank Transfer,  BHIM, G Pay, Phonepe 
Minimum Payout 500 Rupees

How to earn money in RummyCulture?

  • Rummy cash games
  • Refer and earn
  • Leaderboards earnings

11. Teen Patti Joy

The My Clock Technologies Pvt Ltd-produced Teen Patti joy app is well-known among children. The design of the software is really valuable. It is secure and free of cheating. 

UPI, Paytm, bank transfers, and other withdrawal options are provided by this UPI withdrawal game app. For opening an account, it awards 51 Rupees, and for referring someone, 150 Rupees. 

Teen Patti Joy Details 

Star Ratings9.4 out of 10 Stars
Sign-up Bonus51 Rupees
Official App LinkInstall the app
Refer & Earn Bonus80-150 Rs. on Every Sub-player, 30% Regular Commission
Referral Code 14654459
Methods of CashoutUPI, Bank Transfer 
Minimum Withdrawal100 Rupees

How many ways to earn from Teen Patti Joy?

  • 41 Rs. as a free login bonus
  • VIP level benefits
  • Real cash-earning games
  • Spin Wheel feature

12. Junglee Rummy – Real money withdrawal app

Junglee Rummy is an online rummy platform operated by Play Games 24×7. It is India’s first legal and most trusted online rummy platform. It is a skill-based card game app that allows players to play rummy and win cash every day.

Players can enjoy variants of the real cash withdrawal game with different formats and betting options. Junglee Rummy has special tournaments and contests with larger prize pools. 

Junglee Rummy application also offers new player bonuses and promotional offers. It supports deposits and withdrawals in Indian Rupees. The app offers a secure gaming environment with low latency for an ultimate rummy gaming experience. 

Junglee Rummy Information 

Gamers Ratings8.1 out of 10 Stars
1st Login Rewards8850 Rupees
Game Download LinkRegister and earn
Referral Income250 Rupees
Invitation CodeNo Use
Cash WithdrawalsUPI, Bank Transfer, Phonepe, GPay, Paytm 
Min. Payout Amount100 Rupees

Earning ways from Junglee Rummy

  • Welcome bonus of 8,850 Rupees
  • Rummy online
  • Referral commission
  • Players’ daily, weekly, and monthly leaderboard

13. Zupee Ludo

This platform is famous for Ludo. You will find a variety of ludo games to play and win real cash. It has 8 types of ludo games including Snakes and Ladders Plus and cricket games. 

Zupee Ludo app supports instant withdrawals and is 100% safe, secure, and legal. It gives supreme cashback and is RNG-certified. 

Zupes Ludo Description

Rating7.3 out of 10 Stars
Register Benefits50 Rupees
Official LinkClick here to install
Refer Bonus10 Rupees
Referral Code 9518PN8HZB
Withdrawal MethodsUPI, RazorPay, Juspay, Cashfree 
Minimum Payout 100 Rupees

How can you make money from Zupee Ludo?

  • Leaderboard rewards as Zupee Adda
  • Limited cash refer & earn program
  • Zupee Ludo tournaments
  • Snake & Ladders Plus

14. RummyCircle

Rummy Circle is an Indian online rummy platform, where players can play rummy online for free or real cash. Hosting up to 6 million players, they offer a safe and secure rummy gaming experience. The website is the one-stop destination for Twenty-one card rummy games like Points, Deals, Pool Rummy, and other rummy variants. 

As a true Indian rummy site, the portal encourages fair and legal rummy games across the country. It has a good withdrawal policy, attractive promotions, and incredible gaming features which make it a leader in Indian rummy games.  

RummyCircle Extra Details

Star Ratings6.2 out of 10 Stars
Login Bonus100 Rupees
Game Install LinkGet free bonus
Invite & Earn2000 Rupee
Refer Code Not Applicable
Payout OptionUPI, BillDesk, Paytm, Mobikwik 
Minimum Withdrawal100 Rupees

Methods to earn from RummyCircle

  • Referral earning
  • Rummy Rumble
  • Real Rummy cash games
  • Cash leaderboards
  • Free prizes

15. Teen Patti Royal – UPI withdrawal game APK

Teen Patti Royal is an online multiplayer game available on the Google Play Store with over 5 Million players worldwide. Players can easily sign up and get a 100 rupee bonus for free.

The game offers many other bonuses like a Refer and Win bonus, a Wheel Spin bonus, a Referral bonus, and more.

The game offers many rewards that players can use to get in-game items or special offers. Players can earn loyalty rewards. Teen Patti Royal also offers a jackpot reward system. Players can play the jackpot game and win big prizes like coins, chips, and exclusive items.

Teen Patti Royal lets users play with friends or challenge other players to a game for a chance to win extra rewards. 

Teen Patti Royal More Info.

User Ratings8.4 out of 10 Stars
New User Bonus100 Rupees
Official App LinkStart earning
Referral Benefits20 Rupee
Invitation Code Discontinued
Methods of CashoutUPI, Bank 
Min. Payout Amount 100 Rupees

How to earn money in Teen Patti Royal?

  • 12+ money-earning games
  • ₹51 bonus on register
  • Up to 150% cashback on recharge
  • Spin Wheel
  • Referral leaderboard
  • 30% refer commission

16. Rummy Central – UPI earning app free

It is India’s first Rummy platform which is powered by Artificial Intelligence and smart correction. This UPI cash withdrawal app offers multiple rummy card games like pool, points, strike, and syndicate. It hosts Rummy tournaments. 

It gives a minimum of 100% welcome bonus and exclusive bonus codes to redeem cash. You can also earn cash by referring your friends. It has an easy withdrawal mechanism with multiple payment options. 

Rummy Central Details 

Gamers Ratings9 out of 10 Stars
Signup BonusUp to 1500 Rupees
Game Download LinkUse this app
Refer & Earn BonusMax. 3000 Rupees Per Friend
Referral Code No Need
Cash WithdrawalsUPI, Paypal, Paytm, Bank Cards, PayU Biz, CC Avenue 
Minimum Payout 100 Rupees

How many ways to earn from Rummy Central?

  • 100% welcome bonus
  • Earn real cash by joining the referral program
  • Exclusive bonus codes
  • Friday bonus rewards
  • Playing all Rummy variants

17. Teen Patti Lotus 

Teen Patti Lotus is a premier Indian rummy game available on the Google Play Store with over 2 million players. Teen Patti Lotus is an easy-to-learn yet hard-to-master app that offers a generous signup bonus of 65 Rupees to all new players.

In addition, they have a referral system that awards a 100 Rupees bonus for every friend who signs up along with a recurring bonus of up to 1500 Rupees. 

Moreover, players can earn up to 30 per cent commission when their friends recharge their wallets. There is a bonus wheel spin where players can earn up to Rs. 500 bonus cash by spinning the wheel. 

Teen Patti Lotus Information

Rating9 out of 10 Stars
1st Login Rewards65 Rupees
Official LinkGet a signup bonus
Referral Income100 Rupee, 30% Commission on Recharge 
Refer Code Link-based
Withdrawal MethodsUPI, Bank Transfer
Minimum Withdrawal100 Rupees

Earning ways from Teen Patti Lotus

  • Teen Patti
  • Rummy online game
  • 12+ popular real cash games
  • High reward referral program
  • Bonus for daily check-in
  • Spin Wheel for a free cash bonus

How to download UPI withdrawal games? 

The online UPI real cash withdrawal games I mentioned before are quite simple to download. As you can see, each app’s additional information page includes a download link. When you click on it, a link will take you to the official website or page where a download button can be found. Once you click on that, the app will immediately begin downloading on your smartphone. 

To correctly install the downloaded app and obtain it on your mobile dashboard later, click on it. You can use these recommendations to download any of the mentioned UPI cash withdrawal apps. 

How to play UPI cash withdrawal games? 

Playing any of the online Rummy UPI games is too easy. Follow my steps below. 

  1. You have to open the installed Teen Patti UPI withdrawal app. 
  2. Now you will find the register button just click on it. 
  3. You will see columns in which you have put your mobile number and OTP. 
  4. Just fill it out accordingly and click on the register. 
  5. Now you will land on the dashboard where you will find all the features and games. Choose any from them and start playing.

How much you can earn from real cash withdrawal games? 

The amount of money a person can earn from the UPI cash withdrawal game APK depends on the amount of time and effort they are willing to put into the game. If you’re an experienced player, you can make good money from the game. Professional players can earn huge amounts from regular tournaments and cash games.

If you’re a beginner, playing a few games of the UPI withdrawal apps is a great way to make some extra cash. The stakes are usually low and you can start with a low bankroll. As you get better at the game, you can increase your stakes and earn more money.

With the right strategies and proper bankroll management, you can earn more than 1 lakh from a real cash withdrawal game.

What payment methods online game cash withdrawal app support? 

Most real cash game UPI withdrawal apps offer a range of popular payout methods for players. These include;

  • BHIM
  • Bank transfer
  • Paytm
  • Google Pay
  • MobiKwik
  • Online Wallets
  • Razorpay
  • Cashfree
  • Credit/Debit Cards, etc.

All of these payment options guarantee users secure and safe deposit and withdrawal transactions, thus making online UPI cash withdrawal games a secure and reliable way to play and win real cash. 

UPI Withdrawal Games FAQs

Is it safe to redeem cash from UPI withdrawal game apps?

Before using any UPI withdrawal app, look for user reviews, ratings, and feedback about the app’s reliability and security. Check if the app is developed and maintained by a reputable company or organization. Look for information about their track record, licenses, and security measures then withdraw the money through UPI.

Do online cash withdrawal games deduct any charges on UPI payouts?

Well, some of the UPI withdrawal apps cut charges from your winning when you go to withdraw money because it is their policy but most of the apps did not charge for this.

How many times I can perform a payout through the UPI cash withdrawal game app?

The number of withdrawals you can make in a day with a Teen Patti UPI app depends on the app and the rules and regulations set by the app’s developer. Generally speaking, most of these apps will allow for multiple withdrawals per day, but there may be limits on the total amount you can withdraw in a day.

Is there any limit for the amount that you can withdraw from the online game cash withdrawal app?

Yes, most of the apps set the amount of money that you can withdraw in a day from the app. Most of the time it is between Rs.4000 to 1 Lakh. 


In summary, each of the UPI withdrawal games I described above has features like in-app cash, competitions, leaderboards, spin, mail, share, a 7-day login bonus, and more.

In addition to offering a sign-up incentive, each app has a variety of additional features that help you earn real cash. The online game cash withdrawal app supports multiple payment methods like UPI, bank, Paytm UPI, and others.

You may use these UPI real cash withdrawal game apps with confidence knowing that your money will be secure because they all have excellent ratings and are trustworthy.

You may be sure that whichever online cash withdrawal game you choose, all of them have a fast UPI withdrawal system. You can use these online UPI withdrawal games without any hesitation.

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